Lean Startup Productions

Lean Startup Productions (LSP), founded in 2013 by Sarah Milstein and Eric Ries, is a media company that teaches people how to build and scale high-growth startups. We consider startups to include any new product or service facing conditions of extreme uncertainty–which means that our customers include not just two people in a garage in Silicon Valley, but also established companies in all sectors, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educators.

LSP produces a number of events that focus on managing for innovation, including the popular Lean Startup Conference; Office Optional, a conference on remote work; and a speed-mentoring series for entrepreneurs. The company also has a Lean Startup training program that we bring to organizations.

In 2014, LSP is introducing The How, a website featuring original content with high-quality advice from startups, designed to help entrepreneurs kick ass in their jobs.