Office Hours

Hugely popular at last year’s Lean Startup Conference, our Office Hours sessions give you a chance to talk one-on-one with speakers and mentors. We bring in dozens of experts so you can get targeted advice on everything from analytics and user research to corporate innovation and social-sector funding.

Office Hours appointments are available to Platinum and Gold Passholders. Close to the conference, we’ll send you email with info about signing up for these sessions.

Who: Office Hours are for Platinum and Gold Passholders who want informed feedback on your business ideas and startup challenges. Our mentors have super-useful expertise in a range of topics.

What: You have a minimum of two 15-minute mentor conversations per night and two 15-minute peer-mentoring conversations with other attendees. Plus lots of snacks.

What it’s not: 1) We’re committed to creating a lively learning atmosphere, and we require that all participants abide by our code of conduct. These conversations are fun, but Office Hours is not a speed-dating event. 2) It’s also not a pitching event; mentors appreciate your questions, not your requests for funding.

When: December 10 and 11, 6:30 – 8:30p at The Fairmont San Francisco.

Why: We’re excited to host this format as a way of helping you make very high-quality connections without awkward self-introductions.

Here’s what attendees said about these sessions at the 2013 Lean Startup Conference:

“The willingness of people to talk to me who have been thinking deeply about these ideas was amazing. Getting their time was invaluable.”

“The format overcame the problem of approaching smart strangers and made it easier to connect.”

“One of the mentor conversations I had was so valuable, it alone was worth the price of admission to the whole conference.”