Bill Grundfest

Golden Globe Award winning writer-producer Bill Grundfest has created content – and consulted on content creation – for projects which have been seen by many millions of humans, ranging from hit TV sitcoms numerous Academy Award telecasts, and for companies including CBS, NBC, ABC, HBO, Showtime, Sony, Paramount, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central. As you can see his work has appealed to the widest range of audiences from kids and family to sophisticated/adult to edgy. He is also content advisor to a high-tech Silicon Valley company (Timeful). He’s the founder of NYC’s Comedy Cellar, where he discovered folks like Jon Stewart, Louie CK and Ray Romano. His workshop – “Content” – leverages Lean Start Up methods to reveal the “secret sauce” of how Hollywood creates massive amounts of content every day – and leaves attendees with actual work product – stories and plans for content that can be immediately acted upon. He lives in Los Angeles, where his wife and kids seem relieved to have him in San Francisco.