Ellynita Hazlina Lamin

Ellynita Hazlina Lamin is an impact practitioner for economic growth in underserved communities around South Asia. She is committed to sustainable pro-poor development through an integrated approach of business, arts and science.

From developing interactive knowledge management and research application to a nationally recognised technology funding agency, she has enjoyed 15-year experience in the exciting and challenging environment of startup communities in Southeast Asia.

As the former Lead Founder and Chairperson for Social Enterprise Alliance Malaysia, Ellynita continuously advocates collaborative environment to help enterprises bring about social change for disadvantaged communities.

Having been a college drop-out and diagnosed in 2008 with nasal cancer, she believes in facilitating second chances. Her dream is for all to move beyond tolerance towards one another but to understand and accept each other beyond biases. She aspires to see the lives we all touch, in some way – no matter big or small – begin to impact the lives of others.