Jini Kim

Ms. Jini Kim is the Founder of NunaHealth, a startup that provides data analytics for large employers and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. She took a leave of absence to participate in the “tech surge” that saved the Healthcare.gov site. In the Healthcare.gov war room, her duties included bug-fixing, and a Time magazine cover article calls her the “Queen of Errors.”

She was previously a product manager with Google Health. As one of the first product managers for Google Health, she was tasked with determining Google’s strategy in genomics. Her work led to the funding of research labs and startups in genetic sequencing and large database work on genotypic/phenotypic associations.

Kim was also the product manager of the Go team, Google’s first programming language. She was also responsible for launching Google Public Data, which fostered her deep understanding of how to create tools for people who had little to no experience with data analytics or visualization.