Susana Jurado

Susana is Innovation Manager and mentor at Telefonica R&D. In recent years she has been working in strategy, the last three years mainly focused on innovation. She is part of the team that defined the current Telefonica R&D seedbed innovation model, where Lean Startup is the cornerstone of the execution phase. In her role at Telefonica R&D she runs the innovation process, fosters conceptualization of new ideas to get high quality innovation proposals and mentors and assesses innovation projects.

She has co-authored, with Maria Olano, the Lean Elephants report, describing their experience and learnings of applying Lean Startup to innovation projects at Telefonica for more than two years. The application of Lean Startup at a large corporation is complex, but it definitely pays off, speeding up the innovation process and being able to do more with less, with a clear focus on market and customers. Susana lives in Madrid, Spain, and holds a MS in Telecommunication Engineering and an MBA from IE Business School.