Heather McGough

Heather McGough is an Executive Producer for Lean Startup Productions’ various events including The Lean Startup Conference, Office Optional and Quick Consulting series. As the founder of Urbanity Events, her focus is on education-based entrepreneurial conferences across sectors, startup pitch events and launch parties. She is known for honoring commitments, a genuine interest in the goals of partners and sponsors, leadership in the global educational entrepreneurial community, and ability to meaningfully connect people. Having deep roots in the non-profit sector, she has created multiple programs for underserved youth living in low-income housing, as well as programming for adult English language learners. She has inspired hundreds of volunteers, is a mentor to two young women and serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Global Lives Project. She has always been one to look at the challenges facing those in the world around her, and to take action to help improve conditions of her fellow human beings. In her spare time, she works on a startup called Adoptful.

Contact Heather at [email protected]