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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Early Morning Talks9:00 AM - 11:15 AM

  • A Conversation with Ben Horowitz and Eric RiesLeadershipScaling
    Ben Horowitz, Andreessen Horowitz, @bhorowitz
    Eric Ries, The Lean Startup, @ericries
    Room: Grand Ballroom

    As a well-known startup veteran, investor and author, Ben Horowitz brings unusually deep insight to the hard questions that entrepreneurs face. Eric Ries interviews him and gives you a chance to ask questions, too.

Late Morning Talks11:50 PM - 1:00 PM

  • Getting Very Big by Being Very User DrivenCustomer DevelopmentLean ImpactScaling
    Max Ventilla, AltSchool, INC
    Room: Grand Ballroom

    When you’re tackling a hard problem, the solution rarely comes from what you do initially. Rather, it emerges from what you do continuously–provided you set up systems to learn as you go. Max Ventilla, founder at AltSchool, explains how his organization is staying very close to its customers as its key mechanism for scaling up a large network of independent schools.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Early Morning Talks11:00 AM

  • A Conversation with Melissa Bell and Sarah MilsteinExperimentsLeadershipScaling
    Sarah Milstein, Lean Startup Productions, @SarahM
    Room: Grand Ballroom has been one of the most closely watched media launches of the year–and it took the team just nine weeks to develop the high-profile site. As its Senior Product Manager and Executive Editor, Melissa Bell has been responsible for leading a lot of’s success. Sarah Milstein interviews Melissa to learn how the company has moved unusually quickly and how it continues to experiment on a scrutinzed site.

Concurrent Afternoon Talks 12:20 PM - 3:00 PM

  • Attendee-Led Conversation: Once You've Found Product/Market Fit, Scaling the Business with a Lean Startup MindsetScaling
    Zach Nies , Rally Software , @zachnies
    Room: Hunt

Concurrent Afternoon Talks 34:00 PM - 4:20 PM

  • Build a Technical Infrastructure that Supports InnovationExperimentsScalingTechnical
    Room: Crystal

    When you’re building a new product, you have to experiment quickly and change constantly. If your product is digital, and you have a technical infrastructure that isn’t built to deal with these conditions, it can stonewall any kind of innovation. In this talk for technical team members, Codeship co-founder Florian Motlik introduces different ways to build your infrastructure and processes for constant change, experimentation and innovation.

Closing Session5:05 PM - 5:55 PM

  • A Conversation with Bob Sutton and Eric RiesScaling
    Robert Sutton, Stanford University, @work_matters
    Eric Ries, The Lean Startup, @ericries
    Room: Grand Ballroom

    How do successful companies grow? Bob Sutton, author of “Scaling Up Excellence: Getting to More Without Settling for Less,” has done deep research in start-ups, pharmaceuticals, airlines, retail, financial services, high-tech, education, non-profits, government, and healthcare, and he’ll talk with Eric Ries about what it takes to scale up quickly and effectively.