Overcome Your Own Expertise

When you’re building a new product, your own domain expertise can–surprisingly–prevent you from recognizing your potential customers’ needs. Margo Wright, founder of Yenko, shares the customer-development approach she’s used to overcome the blinders of her expertise.

Getting Very Big by Being Very User Driven

When you’re tackling a hard problem, the solution rarely comes from what you do initially. Rather, it emerges from what you do continuously–provided you set up systems to learn as you go. Max Ventilla, founder at AltSchool, explains how his organization is staying very close to its customers as its key mechanism for scaling up a large network of independent schools.

Look Past Biases to Measure the Right Metrics

In 2012, social-impact consultant Ellynita Lamin launched a recovery program in a war-torn, economically depressed area of Indonesia. Early in the project, she realized that her own biases were preventing her from measuring progress accurately. She explains the steps she took to truly understand the community’s needs and focus on the right metrics.

Lean Impact

Join Lean Impact leader Leanne Pittsford for a full-day workshop to learn how to implement Lean Startup methods in your social-good organization. Tailored to the unique needs and goals of mission-driven organizations, this session features guest speakers who are using Lean Startup principles to achieve greater social impact and will share specific examples from their own organizations.

In addition to gaining an overall understanding of Lean Startup and how it can be applied within the social sector, you’ll learn how the ideas can be applied to funding structures to create greater sustainability for social good organizations and for the social good sector as a whole.

Lean Placemaking for Cities

You may not know that cities, like startups, can run experiments to test new initiatives. Urban design expert, Mariela Alfonzo shows us how she has applied Lean Startup to urban planning to and created a tool that helps cities generate and test their hypotheses effectively.

Make A Real Difference in 60 Days

It started with a tweet wondering how people in Detroit were coping with water shut-offs. Two months later, Detroit Water Project co-founders Tiffani Bell and Kristy Tillman have matched Detroit residents with $150K in donations. Bell explains how they moved so quickly.