Live Q&A with Eric Ries

Eric Ries will hold a live Q&A with entrepreneurs. Not only will you have a chance to ask him your toughest questions about running experiments, measuring success, knowing when to pivot, understanding customer feedback and more–you’ll also hear about the challenges other entrepreneurs face and the advice Eric gives them.

Introducing Lean Startup in Your Corporation

Lean Startup is a proven method for invigorating and sustaining innovation in established companies. But understanding and introducing the practice can be a challenge. This full-day workshop focuses on Lean Startup principles in the enterprise and case studies from corporate entrepreneurs, plus it includes a real-world, hands-on exercise to help you truly learn and connect the ideas with your everyday work. Led by Brant Cooper, author of The Lean Entrepreneur: How Visionaries Create Products, Innovate with New Ventures, and Disrupt Markets, and including guest speakers from enterprise corporations, the session covers:

*Lean Startup principles for the enterprise
*Strategies for implementing these principles within your established organization
*Rapid experimentation tactics that you can apply to projects immediately
*Reducing risk by identifying a “minimum viable product”
*Key organizational systems and capabilities required for success in innovation

This session is highly relevant for executive leadership teams; innovation groups and incubators; product managers and product teams; and functional teams such as HR, Finance, etc.