Livestream FAQ

Here are the answers to questions we sometimes get about the livestream. If the responses don’t adequately answer your questions, contact Michele Kimble: [email protected]

1. We’d like to have a private livestream event at our company.  Should we buy the Individual Livestream Pass or Group Pass?

If you’d like to keep your event private, you should buy the individual pass.

2. The access/benefit looks the same for groups or individuals on the registration site. Is there a difference in content/advantages?

No, the benefits are the same.

3. Can we watch on more than one screen?

No, one screen per livestream ticket.

4. To be an official livestream host, do I need to show both days of the livestream?

It’s perfectly acceptable to show only one day of the livestream, live or via video after the conference, if that’s your preference.

5. Can I share the link/password?

We know it’s tempting to share the link and password with people who can’t attend in person (especially given the late hour in certain areas), but we ask that you not do this for several reasons. First, the price of a ticket covers one screen. Second, the more people who log on, the more difficult it is to keep a consistent stream. We want this to be a great experience, so please help us out by keeping the information confidential.

6. Does the livestream simulcast cover all days of the conference, Dec 8-12?

We’re livestreaming all day on December 10 and 11. That covers the main-stage (Grand Ballroom) talks in the morning, plus the breakout sessions happening in the Grand Ballroom, and the final session of each day.

7.  Will concurrent afternoon sessions not happening in the Grand Ballroom be part of the livestream?

No, our livestream team covers the sessions in the Grand Ballroom only. But the package of recorded sessions that you’ll receive after the conference does include the concurrent breakouts.

8. On the website, the speakers are listed in blocks of time. Does that mean several are speaking at once, and I need to choose the speaker we’d most like to hear?

In the mornings, the speakers will go in the order listed, one right after the other, so you will have a chance to hear every speaker. Each talk will be approximately 12 – 30 minutes long. In the afternoons, there are concurrent sessions (and longer talks), but we’ll be livestreaming only those talks that are in the Grand Ballroom. At the end of each day, there’s a 45-minute session in the Grand Ballroom that you’ll see, too.

9. Will I be able to interact with other people watching the live stream?

Yes, you will be able to chat with people watching the livestream worldwide! There will be a page on our website, created especially for livestream attendees, where you can talk with other attendees. We’ll send this link when we send the livestream link and password. We also have a LinkedIn Group that all Lean Startup attendees (including livestreamers) can join. Click here.

10. Will the speakers take questions from the livestream simulcast groups?

Yes, we field questions via an online form, even for attendees in the room, and you share equal opportunity to ask questions.

11. When will the password and the URL for the livestream simulcast arrive?

We’ll provide the link and the password at least 48 hours before the first livestreamed event. Watch your email.

12. Can we test the livestream simulcast in advance to make sure everything’s working okay?

We will run a test Tuesday, December 9, at 4pm PT, and another on Wednesday, December 10, at 8am PT. (Basically, you’ll see people setting up the stage, but we’ll have someone talk at the mike a little too, to test sound.)

13. What are the technical requirements to show the livestream simulcast?

We recommend that you have a full T1 of bandwidth (at least 1,500 Kbps). For the best streaming experience, we always recommend plugging into an ethernet hardline rather than WiFi, if at all possible. To run a quick test, watch one of the video on NOTE: If your company has a firewall, you may not be able to access the livestream. Check this out in advance by talking to the IT department at your company.

14. What is the video resolution for off-line projection?

The resolution is 720p.

15. How do I log on?

We’ll have a dedicated, password-protected page on our website. You’ll be able to access it with the URL and password we send.

16. Can I record the simulcast?

No recordings of the simulcast are allowed, but we will make videos available to you for streaming and downloading a couple of days after the event.

17. Are there any resources available to help groups promote their local event?

Yes, we have a document plus a Lean Startup logo for your use. If you would like to receive these, contact [email protected]. If you’ve bought a group ticket and shared with us a URL that shows all of the details of your local event, we’ll consider you an official host and post your event on our website.

18. Can I use a site other than Eventbrite to register attendees?

Yes, this year you can use any website you like to advertise and/or sell tickets to your event.

19. Can I charge for the event?

Yes, you can.

20. Can I have one or more live speakers at my event during the lunch break, etc?

Yes, the local event is yours. Build it up around the simulcast in any way you’d like.

21. Can I have a time delay and how does that work?

We make video available to you three days after the live event. If you desire time delay, schedule your event for any time on/after December 15.

22. Our group is taking advantage of the time delay and will show the video three days or more after the event. Do we need to show the whole stream or can we pick and choose what we’ll show?

Since the video is comprised of speaker sections, you can jump ahead in the video to show the parts you want.

23. Does the recorded video run the full 9 hours?

We cut out the breaks, so the video will run about 6 hours.

24. I’m in a different time zone but would like to show part of the simulcast live. Can I stream some live and then show video of the parts we missed three or more days later?

Yes, you can.