After years of fine-tuning the livestream experience with community groups around the globe, we’re now offering individual livestream tickets.  Here’s what you get:

  • All the main-stage talks and our most popular breakouts live on December 10 and 11. We deliver high-quality video of every talk in the Grand Ballroom. That includes all keynotes in the mornings, and our most popular breakouts in the afternoons.
  • A downloadable video recording of all December 10 and 11 daytime sessions, including all breakouts that take place outside the Grand Ballroom, plus all Ignite talks. The recorded video is a special perk for livestreamers, and we’ll send it out shortly after the conference. (For in-person attendees, the recorded video is available only as part of our our top-tier tickets.)
  • Full Q&A participation. We field questions via an online form, even for attendees in the room, and you share equal opportunity to ask questions. Livestreamers are not second-class citizens for Q&A.
  • Moderated chat where you can connect with other livestreamers. Our terrific livestream coordinator, Michele Kimble, moderates a dedicated chat session with all the livestreamers. You not only meet other remote attendees, but you also have Michele on hand to answer questions, make sure you have all the key info and troubleshoot any technical problems.
  • Meet other attendees via our conference social network. We have a dedicated social network for the event where you can connect with any conference participant.
  • You pay per screen, so even if you have several people watching together, you pay for just one livestream ticket.

The pricing is simple: A livestream ticket is $300. It covers both December 10 and 11, and you can register today (scroll down the registration page for livestream tickets).

Want to watch with a bigger group? We like helping build community, so we’ll give you a $100 discount if you choose to be an official livestream community host. As an official host, you allow anyone local to join you, and when you register, you must share your event URL with us so that we can list it on our site (here’s what that listing looks like currently; hosts mostly used EventBrite to let people reserve seats, though you can set up any web page you’d like).

We’ll start posting a list of official community hosts as soon as they start signing up. One caveat: We intend the livestream for people who can’t attend in person. If you’re based in the Bay Area, we ask you to join us in person at The San Francisco Fairmont, and we aren’t offering livestream tickets for local groups.

Questions? Email Michele Kimble, our livestream coordinator.