Jeff Boodie

Jeff was born and raised in New York City. At 17 he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur when he began selling candy in High School at a 50% margin from the wholesale purchase price; selling assorted candy filled in a need that his peers weren’t getting from cafeteria lunch food. He had found his first disruption. What started out as a business to raise money for Senior Dues, turned into a booming business to pay for college books and expenses. Jeff studied Biology and was pre-med in college. Even though he loved science, he knew his life was going to take him on a different path. He started his career after college working for Oprah Winfrey managing her financials and overall business on O, Magazine with interactions on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and He worked directly with General Manager Nancy Denholtz analyzing budgets of 200 million dollars and pricing ads. Preparing finance reports, reviewing numbers, and maintained the financial system for advertising prices. After 3 years at Oprah, Jeff went on to work at DreamWorks Animation as a recruiter, hiring entry-level positions of artists and junior technical directors. Jeff was a founding team member of the Start-up Intern Sushi. He recruited hundreds of companies year one engaging with the biggest brands across the U.S. on the platform. After Intern Sushi, Jeff went on to co-found JobSnap where he is currently changing how people tell their story via a 30 second video, he believes that there is disruption needed in the story telling department when it comes to hiring Gen Z candidates with social responsibility implemented.