John Roman

John L. Roman has produced and assistant directed motion pictures, television movies and television series for over 36 years. A native of Michigan, John began his career in the Detroit film industry. In 1981, he moved to Chicago to work as an assistant director on the MGM- TV series, Chicago Story. After a five year stint as the Executive Producer for The Director’s Group, a commercial production house he co- founded, John went on to hone his unique production and administrative abilities in further theatrical ventures. His assistant director credits include Ron Howard’s Backdraft, Harold Ramis’ Groundhog Day, Straight Talk, Gladiator, and the TV series, The Untouchables.

In 1995, John formed Spinnaker Films, Inc. to produce movies for television. After eleven TV films for USA Network and NBC, John began a long relationship with Dick Wolf, one of television’s most successful creator/producers. John started up five TV series for Wolf Films, among them was Law & Order Criminal Intent, where he produced 187 episodes. After successfully launching a firefighter series (Chicago Fire) and a police show spinoff (Chicago P.D.) with Wolf in Chicago, John is very pleased that both shows will have new full seasons.

John is now an Adjunct Professor at the USC School of Cinema Arts. He and his wife Kim, split their time between Los Angeles and their home in Alpharetta, GA.