Kevin Ellsworth

Kevin is the Product Manager at Cirris Systems, a company which designs and manufactures test equipment for electrical cable assembly shops. In addition to customer development work, he also directs much of the marketing work for Cirris. He began at Cirris in the engineering department where he found many questions about customer behavior went unanswered. Discovering Lean Startup ideas helped him realize there was a better way to make design decisions. He is now working to help transform the development and marketing processes at Cirris into a more market driven approach to ensure they are creating products people love.

With an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Kevin may seem an odd fit to end up in product management and marketing. However, he feels this is where he can make the most impact right now. Though there have been challenges in implementing Lean Startup principles in a long standing B2B manufacturing company, Kevin strongly believes these concepts can be applied to any organization.