Phil Metz

Phil Metz, PhD
Delivering Breakthrough Innovation Results

In today’s uber-networked world, disruption of established industries is unprecedented. Breakthrough innovation is paramount for incumbents and new entrants alike.

As Co-founder and Top Dog at SingingDog, Phil is passionate about delivering breakthrough innovation results. He works with companies struggling to deliver breakthrough innovation – new products, services or new businesses. He helps them tailor the innovation approach that’s best for their company, get it established across the enterprise, deliver value to customers, and grow.

Recently, working with Brant Cooper, Co-founder at Moves the Needle, Phil has published a popular whitepaper, Lean Startup Innovation for Large Enterprises – What You Need to Know. This whitepaper addresses why breakthrough innovation is increasingly critical for large enterprises, how Lean Startup Innovation can help, and what it takes to implement in a large company.

With over 24 years of executive-level experience, both in industry as VP Marketing and in consulting as Director, Phil has focused throughout his career on innovation management, product and service development, strategy, marketing and creation of new businesses. Phil has an MBA in General Management and a PhD in physics.