Rachman Blake

Rachman Blake is the co-founder of AppHeroes a tech recruiting company that connects startups with mobile app developers through live events that use humor. Realizing that humor and business go together like chocolate and peanut butter Rachman co-founded FunnyBizz, which is dedicated to making web content more compelling. Rachman helps organize the FunnyBizz Conference, a bi-annual gathering to expand customer bases and enjoy hotel conference buffets.

Businesses who want to connect with customers realize humor is a fast, effective way to do so. Rachman co-created FunnyBizz writes, a platform to help funny-ize, de-bore and de-snore all manner of electronic copy from website content to press releases and more.

A graduate of Princeton, Rachman is also a marathon runner despite not being Kenyan. He is from New Jersey, which is close.