Sean Butler

In private, Sean will eventually admit to being a licensed attorney, though not without some fear of ending up chained to the bottom of the ocean.

Growing up in Silicon Valley it was largely a foregone conclusion that he would end up in the technology industry, and as a former philosophy major who got tired of asking ‘would you like fries with that,’ becoming a technology lawyer seemed a logical choice (at the time, anyway).

Currently, Sean is the lead attorney for Cisco’s Cloud Networking Group—the former Meraki team—responsible for ensuring the business continues to scale at a break-neck pace while staying (mostly) out of trouble. Sean represented Meraki as outside counsel for five years before joining the team full-time as its first in-house attorney and subsequently helping to guide the company through its $1.2 billion acquisition by Cisco.

Before joining Meraki, Sean left the hallowed halls of Big Law and started his own gig as a contract GC for startups and entrepreneurs, where he got his first taste of what it means to be an entrepreneur himself. Sean began his legal career as a corporate/securities attorney at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.