Tiffani Bell

Tiffani Ashley Bell pursues better living through software. She is the co-founder of the Detroit Water Project, a platform that matches donors from around the world and (currently) people in Detroit needing assistance with water bills to provide financial relief through direct payments from donors to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department on behalf of residents. Since its founding in late July 2014, the platform has paid out over $150,000 in payments to help over 1,200 residents based on $600,000 in pledges.

She is also a 2014 Code for America Fellow working with the City of Atlanta, GA. She was previously the CEO + founder of Pencil You In, enabling businesses as far away as Australia to operate more efficiently by accepting appointments online. Tiffani is a front and back-end developer working primarily with Ruby on Rails and iOS. Tiffani holds a BS in Computer Science from Howard University.