Post-conference Goodies

VIDEO is on our YouTube channel. We’ve released video of Ignite and all the main conference days talks. Our HD video bundle is for purchase on our Products page.

PHOTOS are on our Flickr page. If you use them, which we encourage, please credit The Lean Startup Conference/Jakub Mosur and Erin Lubin.

SLIDES are on our SlideShare account. Most of our presenters chose to share their decks.

PRESS stories are below, with the most recent at top. We update them regularly.

33voices (Jan. 14) – Insights From the Lean Startup Conference 2014 (Jan. 12) – Giving Everyone a Voice Through Intuit Brainstorm: Design Thinking and Lean Startup in an Employees Suggestion Program (Jan. 5) – Interviews with Lean Startup Conference Participants (Dec. 16) – How to Use Testing to Learn About Customers (Dec. 16) – Lean Startup Conference Review

33voices (Dec./Jan) – Lean Startup Conference Speaker Interviews

Inc. (Dec. 12) – How to Build a Secret Army of Innovators

Mapping Company Success (Dec. 12) – Lean Startup Conference 2014: Wrap and Thanks

Pingwest (China, Dec. 12) – Two Great Products Born Out of Two Failed Games

Ivaerksaetteren (Denmark, Dec. 12) – Reportage fra Lean Startup Conference

Inc. (Dec. 11) – VC Ben Horowitz on How to Increase Diversity in Silicon Valley Right Now

Mapping Company Success (Dec. 11) – Lean Startup Conference 2014: Mikkel Svane and Zendesk’s Story

Lioness Magazine (Dec. 10) – Test Your Way to the Right Answer Using Customer Development

Mapping Company Success (Dec. 10) – Metrics: The Data That Will Make or Break Your Business

Open Ruby (Dec. 8) – Six Questions from the Lean Startup Tour of Pivotal Labs

Bloomberg West (Dec. 3) – Eric Ries Interview: Is There Any Progress in Diversifying Silicon Valley?

33voices (Nov./Dec.) – Pre-event Lean Startup Conference Speaker Interviews

Entrepreneur (Nov. 21) – What the Father of Lean Startup Thinks You Need to Start Up (Oct. 13) – Lean Startup Productions CEO on Disrupting the Conference

Bizwomen (Oct. 8) – The Secret to a Diverse Conference Lies in a Black Magic Marker