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Thursday, December 11, 2014

General Registration8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Light continental breakfast to be served in the Venetian Room. Open all day,  the Venetian Room will host beverages, snacks, a livestream lounge, and our handpicked exhibitors.

  • Guided Meditation | 8:30am - 8:45am
    Stacy Conlon, The Zen Media Group, LLC, @TheZenGirl
    Room: Fountain

    It’s well known in the startup community that meditation can help improve your concentration, judgment and emotional clarity. Stacy Conlon, also known as “The Zen Girl” and founder and CEO of The Zen Media Group, leads a guided meditation to start your conference day with balance.

Early Morning Talks11:00 AM

  • Live Lean Startup ExperimentsEnterpriseExperiments
    Brant Cooper, Moves the Needle, @brantcooper
    Room: Grand Ballroom

    Team leaders from Brant Cooper’s December 9 workshop, Introducing Lean Startup in Your Corporation, share real-time conference experiment results, giving you a chance to see what evidence-based decision making looks like.

  • How HP Shipped Faster--Much FasterEnterpriseExperiments
    Kathryn Kuhn, Hewlett-Packard, @kathryn_e_kuhn
    Room: Grand Ballroom

    It’s no secret that product leaders in big companies who need to test new ideas quickly are often stuck with slow release cycles and rigid team processes. How can you overcome the legacy approach? Kathryn Kuhn discusses the calculated tradeoffs her Hewlett-Packard innovation team made in order to speed up its product development cycle, bringing a complex product to market in a matter of months.

  • A Conversation with Mitch Kapor and Christie GeorgeLean ImpactMetrics
    Mitch Kapor, Kapor Capital, @mkapor
    Christie George, New Media Ventures, @christiegeorge
    Room: Grand Ballroom

    What can any startup learn from mission-driven companies? From focus, to metrics, to impact, to team, the lessons are deeper than most of us expect. In this conversation, Mitch Kapor, of Kapor Capital, talks with Christie George, Executive Director of New Media Ventures, about building a profitable company that solves real-world problems.

  • Will They Buy It?Customer Development
    Steli Efti,, @Steli
    Room: Grand Ballroom

    Expanding on his Ignite talk from Tuesday night, Steli Efti gives examples of how he’s tested pricing with real experiments that didn’t turn off customers.

  • A Conversation with Melissa Bell and Sarah MilsteinExperimentsLeadershipScaling
    Sarah Milstein, Lean Startup Productions, @SarahM
    Room: Grand Ballroom has been one of the most closely watched media launches of the year–and it took the team just nine weeks to develop the high-profile site. As its Senior Product Manager and Executive Editor, Melissa Bell has been responsible for leading a lot of’s success. Sarah Milstein interviews Melissa to learn how the company has moved unusually quickly and how it continues to experiment on a scrutinzed site.

  • Convince Colleagues to Use Lean Startup: The Stealth ApproachEnterpriseLeadership
    Room: Grand Ballroom

    When a team at Google felt uncertain about which pieces of their work drove real value for customers and had an impact on the bottom line, Blair Beverly, a Manager in Google AdSense, suggested they try Lean Startup methods. He explains how he’s working to win over colleagues and management, using a counter-intuitive process to adopt the ideas.

  • Reinvent Decision Making at Established Institutions
    Room: Grand Ballroom

    Higher education has legendarily long decision-making cycles, which create a real tension for teachers and administrators who want to test curriculum ideas in new digital markets. Allison Dulin, Special Projects for the President at Davidson College, explains how the 177-year-old college has shifted its decision-making processes and used experimentation to face down the uncertainty that’s rocking education markets.

  • Launch a New Product that Doesn't Hurt Your Existing BrandEnterpriseExperiments
    Andrew Homeyer, Rally Software /, @andrewhomeyer
    Room: Grand Ballroom

    When established companies experiment, you have to figure out how to test ideas without harming your existing brand. Andrew Homeyer, Engineer and Intrapreneur at Rally Software, explains how his team launched a new product under a fresh brand and reached an entirely new customer segment.

  • An Experiment on StageEnterpriseExperimentsHardware
    Susana Jurado, Telefonica R&D, @sjapru
    María Olano, Telefonica R&D, @mdomata
    Room: Grand Ballroom

    Telefonica, a Spanish broadband and telecommunications company, is one of the largest mobile network providers in the world. What happened when the employees wanted to experiment with a new handset idea? Susana Jurado and Maria Olano, Innovation Managers at the company, have a detailed and instructive story to tell this afternoon–and in an on-stage experiment, they preview that talk from the main stage.

Lunch1:20 PM - 2:20 PM

Silver passes – please go to the Venetian room

Platinum and Gold Passes go to the Tonga, Terrace or the Pavilion rooms

The Intuit lunch is still happening in the Crown room.

Also, this is your chance to meet with Todd Park, 18F and the US Digital Service in the Fountain Room.

    Concurrent Afternoon Talks 12:20 PM - 3:00 PM

    • Case Study: Lean Product Development in a Very Big OrganizationEnterpriseExperimentsHardware
      Susana Jurado, Telefonica R&D, @sjapru
      María Olano, Telefonica R&D, @mdomata
      Room: Grand Ballroom

      Telefonica, a Spanish broadband and telecommunications provider with operations in Europe, North America and South America, is one of the largest mobile network providers in the world. What happened when the employees wanted to experiment with a new handset idea? Susana Jurado and Mario Olano, Innovation Managers at the company, have a detailed and instructive story to tell.

    • Look Past Biases to Measure the Right MetricsCustomer DevelopmentLean Impact
      Ellynita Hazlina Lamin, Developmental Strategist
      Room: Fountain

      In 2012, social-impact consultant Ellynita Lamin launched a recovery program in a war-torn, economically depressed area of Indonesia. Early in the project, she realized that her own biases were preventing her from measuring progress accurately. She explains the steps she took to truly understand the community’s needs and focus on the right metrics.

    • Use Remote Tools for Customer DevelopmentCustomer DevelopmentRemote Issues
      Room: Gold

      You understand the importance of engaging directly with your customers as you develop products for them. But what happens when your user base is very far away? User experience consultant Holly DeWolf shares practical, cost-effective techniques for overcoming distance challenges and engaging with lots of customers remotely.

    • Attendee-Led Conversation: Once You've Found Product/Market Fit, Scaling the Business with a Lean Startup MindsetScaling
      Zach Nies , Rally Software , @zachnies
      Room: Hunt
    • Attendee-Led Conversation: Capturing Metrics for a B2B Product (When You Don't Have Funnel Metrics)Metrics
      Russell Olsen, VP Innovation, Phytel, @russgolsen
      Room: Grand Ballroom Lounge
    • Attendee-Led Conversation: Teaching Managers to Become Lean Startup MentorsLeadership
      Carlos Oliveira, Senior Strategy Manager, TELUS, @userprofile
      Room: California

    Break3:00 PM - 3:10 PM

    Join us in the Venetian Room to meet our sponsors, network with other attendees, and enjoy coffee service.

      Concurrent Afternoon Talks 23:10 PM - 3:50 PM

      • Invite-Only Interactive Enterprise SessionEnterprise
        Dan Ward , Dan Ward Consulting , @thedanward
        Room: Crown Room

        You spoke and we listened. This invite-only workshop is designed specifically for enterprises seeking guidance & inspiration on implementing Lean in their organizations. Join our distinguished guests John Paul Farmer (former White House Deputy CTO), Dan Ward (Author “Fire” and formerly of the US Air Force) and Simeon Sessley (Innovation Leader, GE).

        These leaders in the Lean community will help us navigate through 3 key areas of interest: Organizational Change, Lean Teams, and finally, Lean Tools. The session will be moderated by Drew McManus, VP Product Management at Pivotal Labs. The session is designed to be interactive and the success of it depends on your participation. Please come prepared with your questions & comments.

      • Find Product/Market Fit Through Customer ConversationsCustomer DevelopmentProduct/Market Fit
        Room: Grand Ballroom

        You know that gathering customer feedback is critical to building a successful product or service. But how do you find potential customers to interview? And how do you ensure that your limited time with them will lead to meaningful insights that help you reach product/market fit? Intercom founder Des Traynor explains how to find the right customers, ask the right questions, and avoid common mistakes.

      • Become a Better Listener, Build More Profitable ProductsCustomer Development
        Jana Eggers, Jana Eggers, @jeggers
        Room: Crystal

        Leaders often focus on becoming better communicators and speakers. But becoming better listeners may be more important in running profitable companies. In this talk, Jana Eggers–consultant, former CEO at Spreadshirt, and former General Manager of Intuit Quickbase–teaches actionable tips for becoming a better listener and and thus ensuring that your customer development thus has a much deeper impact.

      • Attendee-led Conversation: Applying Lean Startup Methods in Developing Services (Delivered by People) and Physical Spaces
        Newton Cheng, Health and Performance Innovation Manager, Google
        Room: Hunt
      • Attendee-led Conversation: Talking About Lean Startup with Foundations and Granting OrganizationsLean Impact
        Dominique Aubry, Aubry Consulting/Impact Hub, @aubrybella
        Room: California
      • Attendee-led Conversation: Accounting for Failure and Keeping Track of What You've LearnedExperiments
        Elisha Tan, Founder and CEO, Learnemy, @elishatan
        Room: Grand Ballroom Lounge

      Break3:50 PM - 4:00PM

      Join us in the Venetian Room to meet our sponsors, network with other attendees, and enjoy coffee service.

        Concurrent Afternoon Talks 34:00 PM - 4:20 PM

        • Build a Technical Infrastructure that Supports InnovationExperimentsScalingTechnical
          Room: Crystal

          When you’re building a new product, you have to experiment quickly and change constantly. If your product is digital, and you have a technical infrastructure that isn’t built to deal with these conditions, it can stonewall any kind of innovation. In this talk for technical team members, Codeship co-founder Florian Motlik introduces different ways to build your infrastructure and processes for constant change, experimentation and innovation.

        • Use Experimentation to Build a Thriving CommunityExperiments
          Anthony Frasier, The Phat Startup, @anthonyfrasier
          Room: Fountain

          Fostering an active local community is easier said than done. It’s hard to gain momentum, and people often say that they want something but then do the exact opposite. Anthony Fraiser, founder of The Phat Startup, teaches the experimentation process and metrics he used to build a vibrant entrepreneurship community in Newark, NJ, from scratch.

        • The Questions You Should Be Asking Customers but Aren'tCustomer Development
          Zachary Cohn, Wonful Consulting, @ZacharyCohn
          Room: Gold

          When you interview customers, you don’t know what you don’t know–and you don’t know what questions you should be asking but aren’t. Zac Cohn, founder at Wonful, runs an exercise to teach you how to ask the right questions and uncover exactly what you need.

        • Turn Lawyers into AlliesEnterprise
          Sean Butler, Cisco Systems, Inc., @spbutler
          Room: Grand Ballroom

          As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably found lawyers to be more a barrier to innovation than a boon. But by actively reframing their role, you can transform the legal function into an asset rather than a liability. Sean Butler, Senior Corporate Counsel at Cisco, explains how.

        Break4:20 PM - 4:30 PM

        Join us in the Venetian Room to meet our sponsors, network with other attendees, and enjoy coffee service.

          Concurrent Afternoon Talks 44:30 PM - 4:50 PM

          • How We Funded 1,000 ExperimentsEnterpriseExperiments
            Room: Grand Ballroom

            What would happen if your organization funded every single new product idea from any employee, no questions asked? This past year, Adobe did exactly that. Mark Randall, Chief Strategist, VP of Creativity, shares surprising lessons and tangible results from Adobe’s new Kickbox process–including details about how experimentation has transformed good staff into great innovators.

          • Talk About Risk Without Causing FearLeadershipReducing Risk
            Adam Josephs, Celerity Consulting Group, @celeritycg
            Room: Crystal

            Risk and uncertainty define startups–they’re the very qualities that make new initiatives different from established projects. But few of us have productive ways of discussing risk, and in fact, bringing it up can cause fear and undermine morale. How can we make coworkers comfortable addressing risk? Adam Josephs, Principal Consultant of Celerity Consulting, shares advice for discussing it early, often and constructively.

          • Tactics for Truly Effective Experiment DesignExperiments
            Grace Ng,, @uxceo
            Room: Gold

            It’s deceptively easy to test the wrong aspect of your business, wasting time and money while you head down the wrong path. Rather than test the wrong hypotheses or an inappropriate risk for your stage of product development, learn from Grace Ng, co-founder at QuickMVP, as she lays out road-tested tactics for truly effective experiment design.

          Break4:50 PM - 5:05 PM

          Join us in the Venetian Room to meet our sponsors, network with other attendees, and enjoy coffee service.

            Closing Session5:05 PM - 5:55 PM

            • A Conversation with Bob Sutton and Eric RiesScaling
              Robert Sutton, Stanford University, @work_matters
              Eric Ries, The Lean Startup, @ericries
              Room: Grand Ballroom

              How do successful companies grow? Bob Sutton, author of “Scaling Up Excellence: Getting to More Without Settling for Less,” has done deep research in start-ups, pharmaceuticals, airlines, retail, financial services, high-tech, education, non-profits, government, and healthcare, and he’ll talk with Eric Ries about what it takes to scale up quickly and effectively.

            Office Hours at The Fairmont6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

            For Platinum and Gold Passes only.

              Group Dinners at Local Restaurants6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

                Evening Session8:30 PM - 10:00 PM

                • Groundhog Day (plus Q&A with John Roman)
                  John Roman , Spinnaker Films, Inc, @johnlroman
                  Room: Gold

                  Groundhog Day is the uiltimate A/B testing movie. It doesn’t just show how iteration and user testing leads to better products. It demonstrates how these practices push us to understand things about ourselves, to become better people. That’s why we’ll be showing Groundhog Day at The Lean Startup Conference on Thursday, Dec 11 and encouraging the local Lean Startup comunity to attend as well.

                  Even better, we’ll have a special guest. John L. Roman, film and television producer and Adjunct Professor at USC, was an assistant director on Groundhog Day, and says that making the movie was its own set of experiments. He will be answering your questions about the making of the film and what Lean Startup practitioners can learn from movie-making.

                  There will be a cash bar, some Groundhog Day DVDs given away, and other shenanigans. Come and meet your fellow Lean Startup practitioners who share your taste for fun!

                • Jazz Improv, with a Side of Team Collaboration
                  Room: Crown Room

                  Great team collaboration is the secret sauce of successful companies. At its core, collaboration comes from the culture of your company and the dynamics of your team. This entertaining session by Mode Shift intends to demonstrate empathy, embracing uncertainty, and following patterns. It weaves live jazz improvisation with exercises designed to teach:

                  – What makes up an effective team
                  – The power of empathy and listening
                  – The importance of a iterative exploration
                  – The role of following patterns and conventions
                  – How great collaborators never make mistakes

                  Mode Shift is:
                  Jim Kalbach, bass
                  Jeff Gothelf, keys (absent for this event)

                  With special guests:
                  Vic Wong, guitar
                  Benny Torres, tenor sax
                  Riley Bandy, alto sax
                  Rolf Wilkinson, drums