Metrics: The Data That Will Make or Break Your Business

If you’re being methodical about growth, analytics matters. For startups, analytics is about measuring the right metric, in the right way, to produce the change the business needs most at that point in time. That’s harder than it sounds: you need a solid understanding of your business model; an awareness of what’s most at risk; and a clear idea of where to draw the line between success and failure. Metrics measure not only the health of your business, but also your journey to product/market fit; the value of your company; and the reliability of your underlying infrastructure. Join Lean Analytics co-author Alistair Croll for an all-day, in-depth look at analytics, measurement, and working with data. We’ll cover:

*The five stages of growth every company goes through, and how they guide your choice of metrics
*Six business-model archetypes and their unique measurement challenges
*What “good enough” looks like for fundamental metrics
*How to think about cohorts, segments, percentiles, and histograms
*Measuring and aggregating infrastructure KPIs such as latency and availability
*Using the Lean Analytics cycle to improve through experimentation

This workshop is relevant for people working in standalone startups and for corporate entrepreneurs. It will combine presentations, case studies, and interactive discussion of the audience’s specific measurement challenges. Attendees need not be technical but should come armed with a basic understanding of web analytics, business metrics, and their current business model, plus a willingness to share with one another.